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Accounting & Advisory

Basically, in this services, JCB Consulting provides accounting consultation for various types company (Firma, CV, perusahaan perseorangan, perusahaan terbatas, etc.). Our accounting professional team give advices on how to maintain the best bookkeeping and accounting system in line with the company business process (manufacture company, trading company, etc).

In addition, we also perform due diligence on financial reporting for all types client which has develop accounting system itself. Eventually, the accounting and advisory services will be able to deliver a liable financial reporting to help the management for taking business decision precisely

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Generally, we provide services as below:
•    Business process consultation
•    Bookkeeping and accounting consultation
•    Developing accounting system consistent with the client’s business process
•    Journalling all required transaction
•    Verification and reviewing client’s journal transaction
•    Perform basic financial reporting
(Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet Report) for management.

     Advance financial reporting will be issued as client’s request
•    Perform verification client’s finance reporting in accordance with the
international accounting standard procedures  
•    Visit our client as client's requested

Accounting & Advisory

Tax Consulting


Generally, for tax consultation, JCB Consulting help personal and corporation to solve the tax problem. The services will be ranged from monthly and yearly applied taxes calculation until perform yearly tax planning and strategic with the business owner. Furthermore, our professional tax team could be appointed as client’s representative, either in the tax office or tax court, to solve any tax appeal and tax objection. If client’s requested, JCB consulting also do the transfer pricing documentation for intercompany and intracompany

 JCB Consulting basic tax services perform as follow:

  • Perform a consultation for company tax planning in a year

  • Perform a consultation to overcome all tax problems

  • Assist personal or corporation to create all tax files (NPWP,EFIN,PKP)

  • Calculation all personal income tax (monthly/yearly)

  • Calculation all corporate income tax (monthly/ yearly) including employee’s PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 26, PPh 4(2), PPh 25, PPN (Value-Added-Tax)

  • Report the tax payments (personal or corporate) to government (monthly/yearly)

  • Perform corporate yearly income tax return

  • Reviewing all company tax procedures and tax payment that comply the tax regulation

  • Perform tax due diligence

As client’s requested, these are additional services in JCB Consulting:

  • Could be pointed as client’s representative in the tax investigation

  • Could be pointed as client’s representative in the tax appeal

  • Could be pointed as client’s representative in the tax objection

  • Could be pointed as client’s attorney in the tax court

  • Perform transfer pricing documentation for intracompany and intercompany

  • Assist corporation on payroll, includes, calculate and reporting PPh 21 employees

  • Assist corporation for establish corporation act for example, Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP), Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB).

Tax Consulting

Risk & Internal Audit

On this service, JCB Consulting analyze the financial statement in order to perform the company risks and return through the internal audit process and the internal control. Our service will show the client as follow:

  • Analyzing the financial statement

  • Provide consultation and give suggestion for the business internal control

  • Perform the best accounting information system

  • Perform a report for the company risk and return

  • Perform the internal business process audit

Ris & Internal Audit
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